Monday, July 11, 2016

Okay, Things Are About To Change! [Tilly's Rose Garden Update!]

Hi! I know I know I keep going away after saying I'm back, things just keep happening!! I'm Sorry!!

Well, this is how this will be, I'm going to talk about a change in plans for TRG Spring.
No I'm not canceling it, the contrary I am going to just polish what I have and release it...I know I know it sounds kinda lazy, but hear me out!
I've been working on and off on a Mini Game for over a year, to some indie devs that's not a big deal but for me it is, once I get to this point I really want to move on to the next project, and as I have not had time to dedicate to this (as well as a HUGE lack of motivation) but I have been promising it forever I think it's best to just make sure it works, add what needs to be added for the sake of polishing, and the other ideas I had implement in TRG-Summer instead. There are 2 more seasons to go so Tilly's Rose Garden is not gone by any means, and I would still like to eventually make a full game for it.

Another reason I have for wanting to do this is I have been dying to make other games, but I do not want to loose focus and at the moment this is a blockage for me. I am still a learner so I'm gonna be a noob sometimes. I love making games very much and to be honest I've spent the majority of the last 8 or 9 months drawing and painting, as much as I love that, I need to do something different! I have also been working on and off on a non game project of which I still will not talk about until I know 100% that I want to finish it.

So to close, I'm not going cheapen Tilly's Rose Garden: Spring, I'm simply going to reduce the expansion of what I was originally doing, and to be honest, again, I did add A LOT to the table already so there are only some minor things that I will not be adding, which at this point is no big deal in the long run.

Thank you for putting up with my vanishing acts!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Animation Demo - Tilly Dazed

Here's an animation demo, what I mean by that is you will see me animating something. It won't be in real time but double speed.
All animation is done in GIMP.

 Hopefully something useful will come out of this for somebody!

I'm animating this:

 This is a sprite for Tilly's Rose Garden. It will be used when she "dies". I don't want bloody violence in my games so this is what I came up with so you get the point she's incapacitated but without the blood or anything.

I did sketch out the basic idea of what I wanted to do in my sketch book.

Here's The Video:
No sound for your own convenience. I also didn't put any captions because doing that takes up too much space on the screen. I'm uploading directly to blogspot not youtube or anything like that so I can't add annotations. 

This animation only has 8 frames, and took me about 20 minutes to make, maybe less or more I can't tell by the footage. It says a very low amount of minutes and I find it hard to believe I did this that fast. LOL

Oh well, I hope this was enjoyable!

~ God Bless ~

~ Firefly

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Who Dares Disturb My Slumber? [Name that movie!]

Yes, I have awaken! And I'm coming back, hopefully it's for real this time! I'm going to be going full force with projects, in the game relm it's going to be Tilly's Rose Garden. Lets see if I can complete Spring within the month. No promises but I'm going to work at it! I have not a WHOLE LOT to do really. I have a lot but most of the bases are completes and a lot of the artwork is done so...yeah...Month might be an under estimate but I sure hope I can do it.

In other news I'm weekly blogging on my main art blog, I post once a week but I don't have a set day of the week. I've done 3 or 4..maybe 5 so far, not sure really but they are informative, I think anyway!

Also I'm working on a none game project...can't talk about it yet, I want to have it half finished before I say anything...Yeah I think that's it. I hope to be posting more often now! Time to fire up the old Gamemaker 8.1 and see what the damage is.

So...yep. Enjoy!

~ God Bless~

~ Firefly.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Animation (Used TimeLines)

You might remember  This Animation I did last year for Tilly's Rose Garden, everything is in frames and done in movie maker. Well I've made another one only I made it in game maker with timelines, now there's no extra video to upload with the game! I'm rather happy how it turned out. Here's the animation in a video. I had to re add sounds in movie maker because I can't' record off my sound card.



~ God Bless ~

~ Firefly